【PELSTE2021】CALL for registration

公開日:2021年02月25日 カテゴリー:お知らせ
We are delighted to announce that PELSTE 2021 in March 2021 now welcomes audiences
In January 2020, the Educational Vision Research Institute (EVRI) Hiroshima University celebrated the accession by holding “PELSTE 2020” a series of programs on Peach Education, Lesson Study, and Teacher Educator (see PELSTE 2020 (only in JP)). PELSTE 2020 aimed to develop a strong research collaboration among INEI member Institutes.
PELSTE 2021 offers participants and audiences the opportunity to learn and discuss the frontline of Peace Education and Lesson Study. Online Symposia for Peace Education and Lesson Study are going to be held on March 20 – 21. We will also offer everyone several learning materials to deepen insights.

It is a great honor to host PELSTE 2021 online as the pandemic continues.

PELSTE was established with the aim of bringing researchers together to contemplate the objectives of peace education and lesson study in Hiroshima, a symbolic place in Japan.

Hiroshima is a treasure trove of materials for surveying peace and lesson study. PELSTE 2020 provided us with a deeper understanding of these materials by visiting, observing, interviewing, and discussing with participants. At PELSTE 2021, we would like to provide a variety of indirect experience media to replace these activities.

Hiroshima is a crossroad for inquiring about peace and lesson study. Through online dialogues, we hope that young scholars around the world will exchange their ideas of “peace” in the arena of education and share their methodology of studying as well as researching “lesson” from their cultural contexts and academic visions.

Hiroshima is an incubation initiative toward innovative peace education and lesson study.  We expect PELSTE 2021 to encourage many researchers to visit Hiroshima in the future, strengthen ties with the faculty of Hiroshima University, and lead to further exchange of ideas for joint research projects.

We sincerely welcome you to PELSTE 2021. We look forward to meeting you online.

Prof. Dr. Kazuhiro Kusahara

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【PELSTE 2021: Peace Education and Lesson Study】
PELSTE 2021 is divided into two sections: Peace Education and Lesson Study. Each section prepares learning materials that anyone can access.
【Registration for symposium】
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We are looking forward to having you in these symposia!