【2021.02.19】YouTube、Podcastsに丸山恭司先生登壇のINEI-UCL IOE主催のシンポジウムが掲載されました。

公開日:2021年02月19日 カテゴリー:お知らせ

教員養成課程をもつ研究大学の国際的なネットワークであるINEI(International Network of Educational Institutes)が 、2020年12月14日、“How is the Covid-19 global pandemic reshaping the debate on education?”と題したオンライン・シンポジウムを開催しました。その講演の内容がpodcastおよびYoutubeにて配信されました。





International Network of Educational Institutes held a symposium titled “How is the Covid-19 global pandemic reshaping the debate on education?”. Prof. Maruyama presented trends and issues around Japanese public education. Discussions was reported in the 61st seminar:

Contents (quoted from the page):

The immediate impact of COVID-19 on the education system was profound; it heavily disrupted classroom teaching, across all phases, and upended school leaving examinations, with significant knock-on effects for further and higher education. In what ways have the past months opened up education policy and practice to new possibilities, and how have those debates evolved in different countries? In part 1, the panel considers the case of South Asia, South East Asia, and Australasia. Recorded on 14 December 2020, 9:15 am–10:15 am GMT. From start: John O’Regan introduces our guests. 6:07: Kevin Kester on South Korea. 12:19: Dennis Kwek on Singapore. 20:05: Yasushi Maruyama on Japan. 26:19: Xiaodong Zeng on China. 39:04: Natasha Ziebell on Australia. 48:06: Questions and discussion. Full show notes: