Tipps and Instructions for Seminars/Webinars

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Ⅰ.How do I participate in EVRI seminars?
General Information

EVRI Seminar uses a meeting application Zoom. Please follow the instructions.

  1. Register
    To attend the seminar/webinar, please register via web-form in each seminar page. Please click “▷開催案内ページ” at the column of the seminar that you want to join, listed at “Event List
  2. Wait for a e-mail from EVRI secretary
    The day before the seminar/webinar, EVRI secretary will send you a mail in which you will get Zoom URL and instruction.
    This mail could possibly delay and be delivered at the day of seminar/webinar, but please let contact us (evri-info) if you do not receive any mail from EVRI.
  3. Click the URL shown in the mail on time.
    Please plan to join the seminar shortly before the start time.
  4. Enjoy the seminar/webinar
    We are looking forward to seeing you and to having your opinion and question during the seminar.
    Please follow the instructions below.


Ⅱ. What should I pay attention?

Please make sure you show your name correctly on your zoom account before you entered the room
(if you can’t change precedently, please change it after you enter the room.)
Please keep mute during seminar and turn off your video. You could speak if panelists allow. Please be reminded that every EVRI seminar will be recorded. Do not o not record voice, video, and take screenshot. Please do not leak the URLs to third persons.


Ⅲ.How do I use Zoom?
Basic use of Zoom functions

Please be kindly prepared to use Zoom functions by yourself.
The following we can find several basic features.
(see more functions in detail at Zoom HP


<Change your Name>

We confirm who are attending during the seminar. Please make sure that your name appears correctly.
If your name does not show your name, such as “iphone”, “user01”, and random numbers, please change your name.



<Participation 1>
Unmute yourself and Speak

You will find a microphone mark at the bottom left. When the chair asks, you can unmute yourself and speak.

<Participation 2>
Chat or Q&A

For webinars and some seminars, you will not be able to unmute yourself. Please send your questions for the speaker during the seminar to “all panelists” using the Zoom chat or Q&A feature.

Ⅳ.When Troubles occur?

We are putting much effort on creating safe and stable Web seminar, but unpredictable problems may occur.
We will once shut down the session first, and then we will deliver information about the session whether or not we will reopen, close, or do something else.
We ask for your kind cooperation and patience in that case.

Ⅴ.How to send comments?

We are developing our seminars based on comments and impressions participants sent after the session.
We are very thankful if you could take a minute to answer questionnaire from HERE.