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I have worked extensively in the areas of inclusion and diversity, assistive technology and teacher preparation for inclusion. I enjoy collaborating with local and international colleagues, including consulting with UNESCO, Commonwealth of Learning and the World Bank. Consultancy with UNESCO has involved developing (2016) and then revising (2021) Learning for All: Guidelines on the Inclusion of Learners with Disabilities in Open and Distance Learning, and developing resources for all public universities in Malaysia in relation to inclusive Open Educational Resources (iOER). A briefing paper was also developed for UNESCO on iOER. I have been invited to present keynote presentations in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, China and Brazil.

研究業績Research Results

・西オーストラリア州のカトリック複合中等学校で女性教師が校長になるよう奨励, 教育研究の問題点, 33巻, 4号, pp. 1532-1547, 20231215.

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