草原 和博

Director of EVRI, Professor
I started off my career as a researcher with the ambition to pursue such niches as in “geography education”, “curriculum”, “international comparison”. After 20 years, I recognize each of my pursuit has broaden and merged with others. Let me describe some examples into which I have grown over years.

My research targets started at first with “Geography education”, then to “Social studies education”, and to “Citizenship education”, soon with “Subject education: methodologies and social responsibilities”….and more, continue to enlarge.

My research interests also multiply from “Curriculum in the subject area” into “Philosophy and essence of the subject area” , with “Curriculum design of teachers” and “Belief formation of Teachers”… and going deeper down the spiral.

My identities has grown to be:
“a persistent researcher” + “a gentle teacher educator” + “a strict educator of pedagogical researchers and teacher educators” + “a capricious manager who helps and studies researchers and educators” so far.

Such academic journey of mine coincides with the launch of EVRI, I might call it “a necessity named chance”. As I gain multiple professional perspectives, I felt a surge of creation of EVRI, and I was fortunate to have like-minded people around me. Supported by many partners in and outside of HU, EVRI will continue to have dialogues and grow. As a manager, I envision EVRI to fulfill three primary functions: a pleasant gathering corner to come by, reliable yet flexible helping hands, and a resilient voice to share its new ideas with the academia and the society. It will be beyond my expectation if / I hope that EVRI will eventually be of your assistance as a research hub for your inquiries in “learning community”, “curriculum”, and “education profession”.

研究業績Research Results

★Kim, J., & Kusahara, K. (in press). What is the Lasting Impact of the Use of Nuclear Weapons During WWII in Japan? in Brad M. Maguth, & Gloria Wu. (Eds.). Global Learning Based on the C3 Framework in the K-12 Social Studies Classroom, National Council for the Social Studies. (in English).

・Thomas Misco, Jongsung Kim, Kazuhiro Kusahara, Masato Ogawa and Toshinori Kuwabara, A heuristic for controversial issue gatekeeping within social studies education, Jounal of Social Studies Education In Asia, (in press)

★Jongsung Kim & Kazuhiro Kusahara, Lesson Study as Democratic Professional Development: Comparative Case Study of Social Studies Lesson Study(SSLS) in Japan, IDEC Educational Development Symposium “Lesson Study in Asia and Africa”, Hiroshima University, April 6th 2017.
・Kazuhiro Kusahara, How to strengthen the relevance of social studies education for the youth? : The development of special civics textbook and its impact to the curriculum gatekeeping, The 2nd International Conference on Special Educational Needs (Keynote), Isola Resort, Bandung, 2nd December 2017.

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Citizenship education
Social studies education,
Geography education
Decision making process of SS teachers
Professionalism of subject teachers
Research methodologies in subject education