松宮 奈賀子

Learning Community Unit (Inclusive Education Cluster), Associate Professor
I specialize in English Education in elementary education. My initial research was on “foreign language anxiety”, the anxiety associated with learning foreign languages especially in a classroom situation. As I investigated into the causes of learners’ anxiety, I started to feel that the FL instructors themselves have anxiety on using and teaching English since they also are English learners in many cases in Japan. It led me to delve into studying teachers’ anxiety which may affect learners’ emotional states.

Teacher education being my current interest, I take part in EVRI’s Learning Community Unit and conducting research to accommodate various learners’ and instructors’ endeavors to create and deepen their knowledge. What I enjoy about EVRI is that we, the researchers ourselves are aspired to come together and exchange beyond expertise. In the world of academic research, we have long lacked for those creative opportunities. For example, subject education is closely tied with psychology, or once in the classroom teaching subject will require the knowledge in Special Need Education. Under the umbrella of EVRI, I am inspired to take new perspectives to my own work and to meet with new challenges in collaborative researches.

研究業績Research Results

- Selected Journal Article -
Honda, K., Takeuchi, T., Matsumiya, N. (2017). Pre-service teacher training practices for primary English education in Japan. Journal of elementary education and curriculum, 5, 69-79.

- Book Contribution -
Matsumiya, N. (2017). Chapter 9: Methods and Skills for Instruction. In T. Higuchi, T. Kagata, E. Izumi, T. Kinugasa (Eds.) An Introduction to English Education in Elementary School: New Edition. Tokyo, Japan: Kenkyusha.

Matsumiya, N. (2017). in T. Higuchi, K. Takahashi, T. Kagata, E. Izumi (Eds.) Q&A Encyclopedia of English Education in Elementary School. Tokyo, Japan: Kyoiku Shuppan. pp.25-26, 196-197, 200-201, 202-203.

- Presentations -
Honda, K., Takeuchi, T., Matsumiya, N. (2017). Teacher training standards for primary English education in Japan. The Third Global Teacher Education Summit held at Beijing Normal University. October 15, 2017.

Honda, K., Takeuchi, T., Matsumiya, N. (2016). Pre-service teacher training practices for primary English education in Japan”. The 11th International Symposium on Teacher Education in East Asia held at Central China Normal University. October 15, 2016.

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

English education
Elementary school education
Teacher education
Professional development
Teacher talk

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