Shigeo MASE
間瀬 茂夫

Curriculum Study Unit (Teacher Education Cluster), Professor
How do teachers reflect on their own process of professional development?
This has been my main research question throughout my past researches.

I started off my career as a researcher about a quarter of a century ago with a theme regarding to the relationship between teachers’ everyday reading lessons and their views of Japanese ability. Originally, it aimed solely to formulate better reading strategies for informative/expository texts in Japanese lessons. As I look back, however, it was the point of origin for my research motifs; teachers for Japanese improve their lessons while extending and overwriting their own views of the Japanese language abilities.

More recently, I have also been involved in Teacher Education Research as well as the system development for HU Faculty of Education, specifically designing the system for student teaching, as well as evaluation of students’ teaching capabilities with their self-reflective writings and other evidences. Currently in our collaborative research, we are improving the HU Portfolio system, and aim to develop more generic one catered for the use by many other Japanese universities with teacher education programs.

Indeed, through collaboration with researchers of other domains like pedagogy or psychology, or with administrators and many practitioners, I arrived to have broader perspectives in education while maintaining my research niche with subject education in reading capabilities within Japanese Education. I hope for more of such robust encounters and experiences of collaboration to come and share at EVRI.

研究業績Research Results

Mase, S. (2017). “Theories of Reading abilities formation on explanatory texts” (in Japanese). Hiroshima, Japan: Keisuisha

<Journal Articles>
Mase S. (2011). Inference in logical comprehension with explanatory texts”. Kokugoka Kyouiku [Japanese Education Research], 70, 76-83.

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Functions of portfolio assessment in teacher education
Assessment for scholastic abilities in Japanese lessons
Logical comprehension with explanatory texts
Improvement? of understanding in collaborative learning process (dialogue)