桑山 尚司

Education Profession Unit (Teacher Educator Cluster), Lecturer
I specialize in educational development in so-called developing countries and international cooperation in education. Each country and community holds different historical and socio-cultural contexts in education. We can reflect on our own experience in Japanese education, and apply them to leverage the educational practices in international cooperation.
In EVRI, I belong to “Education Profession Study Unit” and participate in developing a professional development model for teacher educators. For instance, our projects in Cambodia include enhancement of newly-established Teacher Education College as well as the curriculum and textbook revision on social studies education. Through those activities with EVRI, I seek to construct a cooperation model in which teacher educators and educational researchers of Japan and the world can work together.

研究業績Research Results

Kuwayama, H., Suzuki, Y., Kimura, H., Yamasaki, T., Takeshita, S., Kinoshita H., Koyama, M., Kageyama, K., Tanahashi, K., Kusahara, K., Iwata, S., Saito, K., Maruyama, Y., Yoshida, N. (2016). Development of “lesson study manual for teacher educators” in international cooperation (3). Report on collaborative research project in Graduate School of Education in Hiroshima University. 14, 85-90.

Kuwayama, H., Okamura, M., Maruyama, Y. (2014). Scope of lesson study in international cooperation in education: A case study of lesson improvements in Faculty of Educational Sciences, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and Human Science. 63, 131-140.

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Educational development in developing countries
International cooperation in education
Teacher education
Lesson study

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