川口 広美

Education Profession Unit (Pedagogic Researcher Cluster), Associate Professor
My main research interests are Citizenship Education, Social Studies, teacher education and curriculum studies. I wrote my PhD dissertation on citizenship education in England focusing on the process of curriculum development by teachers in the contexts of classroom, school, and community. Throughout my research career, I often use the qualitative tools to look at the educational practices because of the reflection of my research topics.

I have also been interested in comparative approach and doing collaborative researches currently. One such project, funded by JSPS, investigate the teacher education for diverse society in Japan and Norway. Our team have had interviewed with teacher educators and pre-service teachers in both countries and done classroom observation. The other project examine the preserve teachers’ perceptions about controversial issues based on their experience in schools and university. I also started to comparative research of citizenship education between, Philippines and Austria. Their foreign perspectives always give me a fresh look to reassess what we regard as ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ in Japan, and re-evaluate the originalities of our own.

In EVRI, I am a member of “Educational Profession Study Unit”, conducting researches on required competencies for teachers and pedagogical researchers. I would like to expand my research interests to reveal how the roles of teachers and pedagogical researchers should respond to this changing world of globalization, and how teacher education can help them grow professionally.

研究業績Research Results

Kawaguchi, H. (2017). The process of curriculum development on citizenship education in England. Kazama Shobo: Tokyo, Japan.

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研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Citizenship education
Social studies education
Curriculum studies
Comparative studies
Teacher education
Education for teacher educators

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