Shotaro IWATA
岩田 昌太郎

Education Profession Unit (Teacher Educator Cluster), Associate Professor
If you ask me “What do you do, a researcher? Or a teacher educator?”, then I would answer that I am a teacher educator. Of course, I strive to become “a teacher educator who can also conduct researches” eventually, and that should be one as a member of the faculty.

Currently as a Physical Education specialist, I have devoted myself to research and practice of teacher education and subject education, and I am also working with EVRI.

In the teacher education domain, I am interested in international comparative analysis of teacher education. For that, I have organized international symposium and seminars with European researchers, specifically those in the Netherland. My counterpart is Dr. Anja Swennen of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, who is an innovative researcher in the identity research in teacher education. I was fortunate to learn a lot from her directly while on my sabbatical from 2016 to 2017.

As for subject education, I have been actively involved in Japanese PE Lesson Study through cooperating with in-school professional development and lecture seminars held at prefectural and municipal levels. I am hopeful that my contribution would assist capacity building of the PE teachers. Another collaboration includes our voluntary seminars with expert PE teachers, called HePESET(Health and Physical Education Seminar for Expert Teacher ). There, teachers from public and HU-attached schools together with university students collaborate to develop lessons. All those approaches to teacher education holistically connect between teacher training and professional development in such an organic manner.

I aspire to be active in both academia and practice of Teacher Education and Physical Education. As a member in “Teacher Education Study Unit” of EVRI, I am looking forward to future collaboration with other units to kick off further research and practices in C&I and Teacher Education in both national and global level.

研究業績Research Results

Iwata, S. (2017). Chapter 3: Teacher education research in subject education. in Japan Curriculum Research and Development Association (Ed.). The handbook for subject education (pp.154-159). Tokyo: Kyoiku Shuppan.

<Journal Article>
Iwata, S., Kusahara, K., Kawaguchi, H. (2018). A qualitative study of the process of development for initial teacher educators:The influence of experiences as TA on the identity development. The bulletin of Japanese curriculum research and development. 41, 1. (in printing)

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Curriculum and instruction in physical education
Teacher education
Lesson study
Education and professional development for teacher educator
International sport pedagogy