Nariakira YOSHIDA
吉田 成章

Curriculum Study Unit (Teacher Education Cluster), Associate Professor
My involvement with EVRI is as a pedagogical researcher, specializing in “Lesson Study” as well as in teacher education research and practice. I have organized international symposium and lecture seminars with German researchers for international comparative studies of classroom lessons. The originalities of Japanese lesson planning lie in the active use of discussions: pre-lesson discussion with teaching material analysis, and post-lesson discussion based on the lesson observation and records. I believe that such unique approaches shall not be limited to the in-school professional development, but they can also be applied to the university-level, both teacher education and the education for teacher educators.

In EVRI, I belong to “Teacher Education Study Unit” and participate in various TE research and related seminars in and outside of Japan. I am eager to share internationally our findings in the collaborative research on Lesson Study and Teacher Education research & practices based on the curriculum and lesson theories valid across the educational stages and subjects.

研究業績Research Results

Fukazawa, H. & Yoshida, N. [Edit.] (2016). [Learning group research today. vol.1: The sought-after transformation in lesson planning]. Hiroshima, Japan: Keisuisha
Fukazawa, H. & Yoshida, N. [Edit.] (2018). [Learning group research today. vol. 2: The making of “learning journey map” in learning group building]. Hiroshima, Japan: Keisuisha

Kiper, H. & Yoshida, N. [Edit.] (2016). [Dialogue between didactics and psychology: Introduction to the theory of teaching]. Hiroshima, Japan: Keisuisha

<Journal Articles>
Yoshida, N. (2013). Teacher Education Reform in Oldernburg, Germany / Lehrer(aus) bildungsreformen in Oldenburg. Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science. 62. 31-39.

・Lesson Study in Japan und Unterichtsanalyse in Hiroshima:oder Möglichkeiten des gemeinsamen Forschens von LU und HU, Nariakira Yoshida, Tomohiro Hayakawa, Yuichi Miyamoto, Symposium „Unterricht und internationale Unterrichtsforshung“, August 28, 2017, Universität Leipzig, Universität Leipzig、Oral Presentation.

★Individualism and Collectivism in Classes. Comparative Analysis of Lessons in Germany and Japan, Nariakira Yoshida, Maria Hallitzky, Tomohiro Hayakawa, Yuichi Miyamoto, Emi Kinoshita,Christian Herfter, Johanna Leicht, Karla Spendrin, WALS(The World Association of Lesson Studies) Conference 2017, November 25, 2017, Nagoya University, Oral Presentation.

研究テーマ・研究関心Research Concern

Lesson study
Curriculum research
International comparative study on classroom lessons
Teacher training & teacher education
Education for teacher educators

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