【Wednesday 15, January 2020】The 32th Regular Seminar “Debriefing of PELSTE 2020 Final Presentation: My Findings and Possible Collaboration with HU Faculty”

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In February 2019, the Hiroshima Graduate School of Education was approved to join International Network of Educational Institute(INEI). The Educational Vision Research Institute (EVRI) has organized “PELSTE 2020” to commemorate the membership of INEI and as a base for pedagogical research in East Asia, which will deepen dialogue with researchers at INEI member universities.


About “PELSTE”

PELSTE project page



PELSTE 2020 will carry out various projects focusing on pedagogy in Japan, especially on “peace education”, “lesson study”, and “education of teacher educators”, which are the strengths of Hiroshima University. This year, five researchers (Brazil, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States) who are studying at the forefront of the world, nominated by INEImember universities, will gather in the ​​Hiroshima to practice Hiroshima and conduct cutting-edge education and research on Hiroshima. We will touch and explore the possibilities of future joint research.

The 32nd regular seminar “Debriefing of PELSTE 2020 Final Presentation” will be held on January 15, 2020 (Wednesday) as the results report session of this program.

Please join us if you are interested.

※ Participation Free of Charge

【Date and time 】 Wednesday 15, January 2020 16:00-18:00
【Venue】 Hiroshima University graduate school of education and studies B101 (EVRI room)
【Title】 “Debriefing of PELSTE 2020 Final Presentation: My Findings and Possible Collaboration with HU Faculty”
【Lecturer】 Prof. Dr. Agnaldo Arroio
Faculty of Education of the University of São Paulo(Brazil)
Dr. Diana Rodríguez-Gómez (Ed.D.)
University of Wisconsin,Madison(America)
Dr. Isabella Wong Yuen Fun (Ph.D.)
The National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University(Singapore)
Ms. Rija Saleem
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,University of Toronto(Canada)
Mr. Chawin Pongpajon
UCL Institute of Education(England)
【Language】 English(Japanese)


If you join this seminar, please visit the following URL(Japanese HP) and apply it.

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