【September 24-27. 2019】We cooperated with social studies curriculum / textbook development support project for building sustainable society in Cambodia (20)

公開日:2019年10月20日 カテゴリー:Report

Educational Vision Research Institute (EVRI)” is a JICA grass-roots technical cooperation project entrusted by the Hiroshima Peace Contribution Network Council (Proposed Local Government: Hiroshima Prefecture) “Social Studies for Building a Sustainable Society in Cambodia Support for curriculum and textbook development “by cooperating in dispatching experts.

September 24-27, Prof. Kazuhiro Kusahara, Mr. Naoki Kuwayama (member of the EVRI), and Fujihiko Moriya (EVRI Education Research Promoter) visited Cambodia. This year, we are supporting the development of manuals that pass on the results of training to the next generation in order to improve the social science curriculum and textbook development skills of Cambodian education specialists. This time, follow-up training was conducted to improve the quality of the manual under development.

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